Fully inclusive, diverse setting where children play, learn, and grow in harmony

Pre-School Schedule

Red Room: 2-3 Years Old

Welcome to the room of the “Terrific Twos” where children are encouraged to express their individualism. Children are encouraged to showcase their personalities and talents. Teachers guide children to learn at their own pace, with activities designed and implemented based on each child’s development. Teachers adapt the program in every way possible making sure ALL children can participate and reach their potential. Basic concepts are taught as they play making sure children receive a strong foundation before they move to the Blue Room. 

Pre-Kinder Schedule

Blue Room: 4-5 Years Old

Being fully independent and having their own likes and dislikes, staff now challenge children in reaching their potential by introducing academic goals through play and activities. Children are encouraged to contribute their own ideas and problem solve to enable them to explore the world around them. Emergent curriculum along with theme-based activities help children to learn and prepare for challenges they are about to face once they start kindergarten. Basic math, reading, letter writing, learning to write their names are some of the academic goals set for the children, encouraging them to learn at their own pace. 

School Age Schedule

6-9 Years Old

Children often need a break after a long day at school. Our school age program gives them exactly that!!. With a variety of activities, learning still happens in a laid back setting where children choose to get involved in activities or just want to relax in the library corner reading a book . If children would like to do their homework, staff are ready to help giving parents a break at the end of the day. During summer, a variety of events are arranged in house for all children to enjoy.

Summer Schedule

In addition to the regular program, various professionals, artist, entertainers visit the Centre during the summer months. Magician, Mad Science, Petting zoo, Fitness kids, Star dome to name a few. An opportunity for children to learn, keep fit and have fun. The Summer schedule will be posted end of June.